OMO Scholengroep Helmond innovates with digital badges and security via blockchain

All your skills, competences and experiences neatly in a digital safe of which only you have the key; and only you decide who can see which part of your portfolio and when. Fully GDPR proof ! OMO Scholengroep Helmond completes a very appealing pilot on January 13th and starts working with students in practice. Young people will benefit from this innovation for the rest of their lives.

The project has two main objectives: first, save data collection. Safely bringing the data from all applications used in a school together in the hands of the student. In addition , many students find it difficult to sell themselves to a potential employer. The pilot at the Praktijkschool Helmond is intended to help students to tell what they are capable of.

The application is based on the Open Badges architecture. Both the bare image and a hash (digital fingerprint) of every issued badge is recorded on blockchain. The data is provided to the student once by e-mail. This makes the system completely decentralized and complies with the GDPR. Wim Pelgrim, project leader: “We have developed a digital safe, an application in which students store all their data on their own device, without central storage. Results that often appear in all kinds of places come together, but are meanwhile also safe and unable to be counterfeited. Every badge has a kind of digital fingerprint that is stored on blockchain, so that the parties involved can verify the authenticity of information.”

Pupils from Praktijkschool Helmond can use this app to easily transfer their learning results and thereby better present themselves to new employers. Joost Jacobs of the Praktijkschool Helmond: “. Our students are not  consciously working on their future. They only see the here and now, today. It is important for them to experience that present skills  are taken to the next step in your life: your working career. You are aware that it has value. You can show badges in your app to an employer: look what I can do. As far as I am concerned, it is a major improvement on many levels in comparison to the piece of paper with which someone now graduates. The possibilities are endless!”

The BlockChange application will be presented on January 13th 2020 at the Praktijkschool Helmond. If you want to be present, please contact us via

The BlockChange project is a collaboration between Vereniging Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs , Praktijkschool Helmond, Senzer, Volution and Matchcare . The application was built by Sphereon and funded by Vereniging OMO, Factom and the SIDN Fund.

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