Project 1

Education is undergoing major changes and is facing some major challenges, among others the way we give feedback to students. With blockchain technology we can store the ‘real’ values in education: human development, hidden in reports and tests. With this first project we want to help students of Praktijkschool Helmond that go to Senzer to find a job. They need information about their development, but they aren’t able to take that information with them other than by copying it themselves.

In January of 2020 we launched our prototype. The project group consisted of:

The project has multiple phases. The first phase was the phase of building the prototype which was completed on January 13th 2020. In March of 2020 the next phase, two tests with students, would have started. Unfortunatly a pandamic intervened.

In December of 2020 phase 2 started: we installed the application on the phone of 17 students of Praktijkschool Helmond and during December and January they will receive several badges. After this period we will check how many badges were received, stored and what problems the students encountered.

The last phase is an investigation into the transition from Praktijkschool Helmond to Senzer. We will follow two students that receive badges that express their development at Praktijkschool Helmond. They take that information with them to Senzer. After interviewing the students, consultants at Senzer and teachers at Praktijschool Helmond we will write a report about our experiences.