Kick-off was a beautiful first step

BlockChange took its first step with a great kick-off. 12 teachers, technical and educational partners came to the Dr.-Knippenbergcollege and talked about what value is, how BlockChange could influence their work and how to finance this idea. On to the next step!

Planning a Kick-off

Together with Paul Bessems I’m planning a kick off for BlockChange. At this moment a divers group of people has promised to join. Among them technical partners (NXT Foundation, Volution), teachers (geography, sports, classical languages) and educational organisations (Kennisnet, SLO, Onderwijscoöperatie). A hopefull start. We’re picking a date in april, more info about our kick off will… Lees verder Planning a Kick-off

We started our journey

The first of November 2016 we started our journey. Our site is up at and!

Talking to Paul Bessems

Today Wim spoke to Paul Bessems, a blockchain consultant that had spoken to his students earlier that month about changing economics ( This conversation helped shape the ideas Wim had.

Blockchain on the radio

Early 2016 Wim Pelgrim heard a conversation about the blockchain on BNR radio. In the car on his way to Helmond he suddenly realized this was the technology he needed to change the way he educates students. This is the way to more personalized, positive and 21st-century education. Thank you BNR!