Blockchain in Education: #BCINED2017

On september 5th the first Blockchain in Education Conference was held in Groningen (The Netherlands). Several interesting speakers covered the basics and first concrete results of the use of blockchain technology in education. In the afternoon, I was one of the speakers in the parallel discussion sessions. A educational, motivating and fun day!

Blockchain in Education conference in Groningen

On the 5th of september i’ll be speaking on the Blockhain in Education conference in Groningen. In one of the parallel sessions i’ll be speaking about BlockChange and the next step I see from this point on. You can read more about it on

Longpath ( for BlockChange.EU

Longpath is a strategic moral philosophy used by individuals, organizations and governments to drive positive, immediate and futures focused change. In this text I have made a longpath for BlockChange.EU. 1. Transgenerational ethics What are the ethics BlockChange.EU is based on? Equality mainly. When you want equal chances for everyone, you want to have means to let… Lees verder Longpath ( for BlockChange.EU

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Small update

Up to the summer break, a lot of contacts have been made. I spoke to Volution, the portfolio partner and both NXT and an other blockchain provider. Combining existing technologies with the blockchain will be a challenge, but an informative experience. On June 27th the subsidy recipients of the SIDN Fonds came together to pitch… Lees verder Small update

The projectplan is final

We have started our pilot, with a final project plan. Before december we want to build a connection between an existing e-portfolio application and the NXT blockchain. Three to five teachers will use the application to see how it works in their classroom. And we will research the results to answer three major questions: What… Lees verder The projectplan is final

Expert meeting @ StePS

On may 23th I went to an expert meeting at PBLQ, organised by StEPS (Stichting e-portfolio support). I met with people from the ministry of education, DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs), King (Kwaliteitsinstituut Nederlandse Gemeenten) and various other initiatives. It was a good discussion that helped me strengthen the idea that BlockChange is on the right track.… Lees verder Expert meeting @ StePS

Pitching in the semi finals of TEDxAmsterdamED was great!

On May 2nd and May 11th I participated in a pitch training and the Pitch Event at TEDxAmsterdamED. It was inspiring to meet all these other contestant and many experts and talk about BlockChange.EU. Maybe until the 31st. Keep your fingers crossed!

The SIDN funding was awarded

Last week we received the confirmation that the funding we requested from the SIDN fund (Blockchain for good) was awarded. BlockChange will receive 10.000 euros for our first pilot and proof of concept. Woohoo!

TEDxAmsterdamED semi finals!

BlockChange.EU was submitted tot TEDxAmsterdamED a while ago. Today I received a message telling me BlockChange has passed on to the semi finals with 10 other ideas. I’ll be getting a training to perfect my 2,5 minute pitch and on the 11th of May I can present my idea to the jury. The three best… Lees verder TEDxAmsterdamED semi finals!