OMO Scholengroep Helmond innovates with digital badges and security via blockchain

All your skills, competences and experiences neatly in a digital safe of which only you have the key; and only you decide who can see which part of your portfolio and when. Fully GDPR proof ! OMO Scholengroep Helmond completes a very appealing pilot on January 13th and starts working with students in practice. Young people will benefit from this innovation for the rest of their lives. The project has two main objectives: first, save data collection. Safely bringing… Lees verder OMO Scholengroep Helmond innovates with digital badges and security via blockchain

A tool for an inefficiënt system

Last week I saw the TED talk I posted underneath by Margaret Heffernan. In this talk, she tells about efficiency: our Western civilizations are constantly working on making things more efficient, using artificial intelligence, protocol and reducing laborers to cogs in the machinery of society. But our future, Heffernan tells us, isn’t about efficiency, it… Lees verder A tool for an inefficiënt system

Building our apps, part 1

This summer we are building our applications. The badge issuing application is working and underneath you’ll find our first test 🙂

Project proposal ready

In early April, about two years after our first meeting for this project, the proposal for our technical build is ready. Not only did we work out a way to transfer data from Volution to Senzer, but we worked out a standard that could be used everywhere in education. New problem: our solution is more… Lees verder Project proposal ready

Talk at Yubu

Went to Leiden today to talk to Yubu and gather information for our first design phase. Had a great talk with Rob and Guus.

Several talks before we start building

In December I talked to the board of Vereniging OMO (see picture) and the a boardmember of Senzer about the project. Everybody is ready for the next fase in January! 🙂

Selecting a software builder

Our project group consists of several app builders, teachers and managers, but no blockchain software programmers. We had to select a company that could build our dream for us. After contacting seven companies from all over Europe, we selected Sphereon. We spoke about how to start and on January 10th the entire group will talk… Lees verder Selecting a software builder

Funding by Vereniging OMO

Vereniging OMO is a group of schools in the south of The Netherlands. Last week I received the news that OMO is funding the BlockChange project. That means we can start planning the building process. Yes!